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Welcome to 'Brodie's World'. Brodie (Campion's "Bravest Brodie")Regd: born in 2002, passed over the "Rainbow Bridge in 2018, was our second Bichon Frisé. His "sister' Little Bit of Love (L'il Bit)Regd: born in 1989 and passed away in 2001 at the young age of 12 after an unfortunate stay at a supposedly reputable kennel outside Smith Falls where he was mistreated (staff jerking leash on walks and L'il'Bit's neck BROKEN! We could not prove it so no legal consequences (we will NEVER EVER board our pets anywhere other than a recognized (by us) breeder - Period, especially if we see a roadside Scottie!!!) "Poncho" de Leone, Regd: was our 3d Bichon, born in 2006 and sadly, passed away in 2020 - were all "family' and to a great degree, our world always revolves around our "Puppy"-of-the-moment who is, currently - and we hope for a long time - "Bindi" (and as Jackie renamed her "Bindi-Boo-Boo") Regd:. Their 'walkies' keep us in shape! Their adventures (and misadventures) make us laugh! Their constant exuberance makes us envious! Their dedication and devotion make us feel wanted and humble. "Man/Woman's best friend" is the understatement of all time! Poncho, sadly, passed away, in 2020, leaving us "dogless" and thanks to Covid, left us unable to locate another Bichon Frisé until June 2021. Enter "Bindi" a sweet female 9 week old Bichon Frisé who arrived late June to join our family and is our 4th Bichon. So.. do browse this site and enjoy the neverending selection of photos - and now with Bindi here - the most energetic of them all - we are hard pressed to keep up! There will be many more photos and videos to come - and we invite you to share our laughs and chuckles seeing how these white fuzzy (sometimes) furballs keep us on "the go"! Enjoy! Let us know what you think of our l'il guys! (and if you or your puppy care to send Bindi an E-Mail with a photo of your Pup (she will soon have her own e-mail address but for now, use (website@eastlink.ca) - feel free to do so! We can't promise she will respond - puppies do not always do what you want them to... - but one of their human "pack" members will react on her behalf!

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Campions "Bravest Brodie"
- 3 weeks old, born May 18 2002

"Brodie", June 20, 2002
- now 5 weeks old

"Brodie", July 2, 2002
- now almost 7 weeks old

"Brodie", July 2, 2002
- trouble to come...

July 14, Brodie & new brother Poncho coming home soon!

July 28 - home at last!
Now... it's dead - what now??

Brodie's first camping trip!
Leashes are for eating - l'il bugger!

"Brodie taking John for a walk
on the marsh roadside trail

"Waddya mean I shouldn't be here? YOU eat here, why not me?

"OK so I am almost 6 months old..? You're gonna cut off my WHAT??

So what's all this about a BATH? It's not dirt - it's combat camouflage!

So what do campers do in the winter? ..get taken for walks by Brodie of course!

LOOK! you take my picture
- I get standard union ACTRA fees, OK?

Hey! I got this howling thing straight
- now where's that full moon?

OK, lets consider all the options.. I should be friendly with these?? WHY??

Sure! It's my first Christmas! ..but why do I have to wear this stupid hat?

Hmmm.. chew the ball or the slippers.. d'ya think the old man will mind??

OK Chris, lets see if I can remember.. this is how you play this thing, right?

OK, I got it on my nose... now how do I get the *&^%& thing off??

There's that evil grooming brush. Maybe I can scare it away! Grrrrr.....

It looks strange and talks funny...what the heck is it? Can I eat it??

Waddya mean I look insane? I AM NOT INSANE!! Grrr..

This King Tut guy had a throne, so now I've one too! Waddya mean I need a bath?

Ok, Ok... so I had a clip and bath..so what's the big deal, eh?

You can chew yours the way you like!!
I happen to like chewing mine this way!

Look! The snow's white... I'm white...
Waddy'a mean I'm not camouflaged?

It's the Westminster dog show! Big deal!
Do any of them have X-Ray vision??

Now let's see, I keyed in "FORMAT C:\"
my master will be so pleased with me!

Hey! I know I got myself into this
... are you going to help me get down??

Hey Pa.. I thought YOU were going to walk me? What's going on here??

Holy cow! What the heck have they been feeding HIM? Steroids?

Brodie taking the old man for a walk
on a nice sunny February day!

Look.. I am trying as hard as I can
... but I can't seem to catch this shadow!

Brodie taking his 'pack members' for a
February stroll on the Trans Canada Trail

Hey! Let's get this straight right now, ok?
I LIKE the snow and am NOT coming in!

Hey, I'm coming *puff* *puff* as fast as I can *puff* *puff* Where's the food?

Brodie and Jackie watching a beaver having his lunch on the Arena trail.

I know it's down here somewhere...
something to eat... gotta get it!

No, you're not seeing double.
Who said you could only clone sheep?

On the Arena trail - Brodie, be careful, You're just a light snack for a Bald Eagle!

I love annoying my master while he's trying to do something on his computer.

You say that you're missing a sock? I have no idea at all where it might be!

Just-groomed Brodie visiting with his mother, Campions "Lyric"

How does this groundhog shadow thing work? I see it so is spring coming soon?

Nothing like an Arena Trail muskrat to get brodie into a chasing mood!

Challenge on the boardwalk
Brodie's somewhat bigger buddy!

What the heck is this thing?
.. it carries it's home around too!

Hey snake, what's with this 'Adam & Eve' stuff my masters keep talking about?

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