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& NOW.. Introducing,
"Her Highness"... BINDI BOO-BOO


...and you thought that was all?? HAH! here are more pics of this delightful and fun-filled ball 'o fluff and his siblings and friends as he navigates his way through life! No concerns... No fears... always food in the dish... 'Parents' to
look out for him and occasionally entertain him... Dog's Life?? You betcha - and we would not have
it any other way!! So enjoy the pics... always more to come as his antics continue...!

psssttt... for those of you who have written and asked where we adopted Brodie and Poncho - the answer is Marilyn & Alan Torrance's "Campion Bichons" - on Vaughan sideroad 12 in Carp Ontario. We recommend them highly - we have seen over 40 of their purebred dogs and every one displayed the temperment and qualities you really want in a puppy. Campion's is a great place to board 'pups' and they can do their grooming too! Check out Campion's web site - they are BFCC members and that's important!. Bindi came to us - by luck - as Marilyn had no pups available and a friend advised us of Townsend Bichons in Hamilton. Bindi is a "PureBred" and great pup - we do not hesitate to praise them!

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On the Arena trail Brodie almost 'lost it'when this winged speedster took off!

Watch out Brodie, this guy bites! Big snapper - 22" shell - well over 40 lbs..

Brodie & Dad going out turtle watching! Lots of pond and snapping turtles to see.

Look Ma' - this is supposed to be a walk! Let's hit the road Jack!!

What happened to the food on the table? I dunno - it must have run away!

OK! Now that I look awesomely 'Cool", where are the other campground dogs?

Brodie relaxing with Jackie after a great day of camping at Presqu'ile.

Touring Sandbanks park with a one 'JohnBoi' power" motor!

Bichon puppy party 2003 hosted by Alan & Marilyn Torrance, Cheryl & John Drain.

All play and no work 'poops out' the cap stealing Brodster!

The puppy party competition judging team ...John, Jackie and Yours Truly - me!

Marilyn & Alan with the next generation of puppy party costumed attendees.

I'm always awake and active?? .. who d'you think you're kidding?

Hey, check out this strange critter! Hmmm.. wonder what rabbit tastes like?

You've gotta be kidding!! ...Wadd'ya mean I'm NOT going too?

Brodie takes to the ocean.. off to discover new lands! Hope there are no pirates.

LOOK! for the LAST time..
.. I HAVE NOT been drinking!!

Hey! you're slowing up Dad..! I like speed - gimme lotsa speed!!

You expect me to come in there?? ...No Way! There may be sharks!

Look! D'ya know what 'vertigo' means? NOW GET ME DOWN in one piece!

LOOK, I AM helping out.. I'm sweeping the floor, OK?

I've been waiting for a whole minute..A WHOLE MINUTE! Let's 'hit the road' Jack!!

I don't care if it is snowing or not..I look stupid in this! TAKE IT OFF!!

The stupid lawn deer have shiney eyes so I can have them too!!

You don't often see Brodie this clean.. just had a grooming... wait a few hours!!

Lisa & Chris come to visit Brodie..what a little angel he is (NOT)!!

Brodie wishes y'all a very Merry Xmas...& Happy New Year (with lots of "treats")

OK! Enough is Enough! I ask for some food and THIS is what I get??

This is what every house needs... The new TREEDOG gift guard system!

Look! It's freezing outside... and I'm REALLY bored!

You said we're going for a drive... What do you mean YOU are driving??

You want me to run on this thing? .. you have to be kidding.. that's WORK!!

I know it's under here somewhere... There's food around, I can smell it!

Look!! We're not doing anything bad... It's just a few friends over for a sleepover.

It's a great story but a tad boring.. (Yawn) can I go back to sleep now? (Yawn)

Yeah! Sure! I LOVE the wisecracks!! .. like you've never had a bath before!!

How come YOU get to go out to dinner.. I have to stay here and play guard dog!!

OK.. so you got me to try this thing.. it's been over a minute - can I quit now??

Look... we are trying to have a nap.. so get that camera out of my face, OK?

You said we were going for a swim!!This ISN'T exactly what I had in mind!!

Now aren't I the cutest little thing?? It's a big lie that I'm spoiled rotten!!

Yes I am very tired!!.. Let me relax the way I want, ok?

No! There's no gender problem here! It's very hot and I need some shade, OK?

Don't tell the garden animals where I am! I'm hiding! They can't see me!

Waddya mean I look like an "Ewok"... It's you and that %*&@#)+ camera flash!!

Start of camping season at Presq'ile... Brodie relaxing beside the campfire!

If there are wolves at Sandbanks... will this fire keep them away??

Brodie made new Sandbanks friends... Kylie (shown), Julie and Justin.

Ok! The look is really cool!... now just find me a Harley 'chopper'!

Ohhhh.. watch out for Biker Chicks.. They'll drink you under the table!

Hey!.. they left the door open, now I can escape to freedom!

'Tigger' - one of Brodie's Presqu'ile cookie sharing buddies!

Flashback time.. we found an old pic of the l'il guy - 10 weeks old!

Bailey & Cody, my Burlington cousins..My aunt Kelley's lovable pets.

I know it's your chair Mom, but I'm comfortable... really comfortable!

Christmas and Santa are coming.. Brodie waiting for lots of presents!!

Brio & Nickey - Brodie's younger brother & sister. They live in Mississauga Ont!!

Brio, Brodie's younger brother when he was about 15 weeks old !!

Brodie napping in the camper after a hard day playing in the dirt!

Another little buddy for Brodie, 'Sprinkles' at John & Gail's campfire!

I love going back to my 'Wolf' roots.. 'roughing it' in the forest with my 'pack'!

Hey! You're not supposed to be able to see me - I'm camouflaged!

The annual 'wine & cheese' party grub, Cheese lover Brodie tries.. and tries!

You humans are totally dumb! Anyone knows I'm no reindeer! I'm not, right???

OK Let's get this straight!! If I wear the antlers, I get more food, correct?

Okay, you got your Christmas card..so can we get out of here now??

Hey! Marilyn & Allan treat me very well..do I really have to leave here?

All that turkey, pie and other neat stuff..Nap time - that's what 'stuffed' dogs do!!

Yeah, Sure!! .. I get one stupid bone.. YOU guys get loads of stuff!

Brodie's aunt & uncle come for Xmas, Jackie, Chris & Lisa at Wheelers!

Here are my aunt, uncle & my nephew Matthew at Wheelers pancake house!

OK! I'm all walked out now! Can we get back home - I'm dog tired!

I'm giving my nephew "Matthew" a guided tour of my luxurious surroundings!!

My 'pack' with visiting aunt Kelley, uncle Chris & nephew Matty at Wheelers

OK! my Fromms food is dark so I guess a vintage Cabernet or Merlot will do well!

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