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& NOW.. Introducing,
"Her Highness"... BINDI BOO-BOO


...and you thought that was all?? HAH!! NEVER! The 'Boys" continue to amaze us with their 'camera-ready' antics and ability to 'ham' it up for any opportunity to get their photo taken. We now have a new member of our "pack" - Brodie's brother Poncho (aka 'Campions Poncho de Leone') who 'arrived' July 16th and has joined the pack in person on September 25th after our yearly camping season came to a close. So now there is "double trouble" and twice the opportunity for cute Bichon pictures. Poncho may or may not emulate the antics of his older brother - and may surprise us with wild and wierd activities of his own - we just do not know yet - but what we can promise, is a lot of cute photos - no matter what! So enjoy these pictures and keep coming back for more as the two "puppies" start bonding and enjoying each other.

psssttt... for those of you who have written and asked where we adopted Brodie and Poncho - the answer is "Campion Bichons" - Vaughan sideroad 12 in Carp Ontario. We recommend them highly! There are many Bichon breeders out there and I wish all were reputable - all are not - but the ones we know and recommend are members of the Bichon Frise Club of Canada - most members of the BFCC are reputable - any others... well... "caveat emptor" - "buyer beware"! We have seen dozens of Campion's dogs and every one displayed the temperment and qualities you would want in a puppy. Campion's is the preferred place we board Brodie and they do his grooming too - in our opinion the BEST place - that says it all! Check out Campion's web site - they are BFCC and OKC members and that's important!

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Brodie finds a new 'camping chick' & ball 'o fire - 'Winnie'. Now BEHAVE Brodie!

Brodie meets a new park friend - speedy little 'Shilo' - NOT food Brodie!.

'MacGee' - camper friend Gail's new buddy - 9 wks old & already a camper.

Brodie tries out his 'sea-legs' - in his pack master's Kevlar canoe.

Brodie's new Brother "Poncho" - three weeks old - with Jackie.

Brodie" when he was 3 weeks >old in 2002, they look like twins!

Poncho - 4 weeks old - with his brother and sister - 'triple trouble'!

Poncho trying to come home early - wait a little longer, l'il fella!

Brodie checking out his new 'brother' - or is it Poncho checking out Brodie?

You've heard of 'Meals-on-Wheels"? Here's Rosies "Meals-on-Paws" program

Jackie with Poncho at Marilyn's. Poncho is now 5 weeks old and growing!

Hey John - I think he's hungry - he's eating my blouse!!!

2006 'Puppy Party' at the 'Drains' - Bichons, Bichons & more Bichons!

Lots of 4 paw'd buddies.. what more could any Bichon want!!

Brodie and Jackie enjoying a fire at Mel & Joanne's cottage.

HEY! you woke me up!! Stop flashing that camera thing at me!

Monday Sept 25th at Marilyn's. Time for Poncho to come home!

OK! So you got me home..- Do I have to share you with HIM?

Cheeezzzeee.. there's more to life than having to pose for photos!

John & Brodie, Marilyn & Rosie (Poncho's Mom), Jackie & Poncho.

Hey Ma, mind changing the channel? that isn't my favourite program..

What do I do with this thing? Eat it or play with it??

Brodie's first high-speed boat ride. Time to get sea-legs & be a 'Sea Dog'.

I hate water, I really hate water! Hold me Mom, hold me REAL tight!

Boy, is this comfortable! Sure beats napping in my crate.

OK, I like my new home so please get outta my face!

If you're giving him cookies.. I want my share too!

Owwww.. my head! Yecchhh... too many brewskies isn't much fun!!!

Yes, I know it's your office but I need to escape from IT!

Leave me alone, I'm all pooped out and having a nap with my Teddys'.

Ma! help me! He's pulling my tail and it might come off!.

Incredible two headed dog? Nope! Just Brodie & Poncho!

This leash is tasty but those shoes look really yummy!

So if I want to go outside to pee I have to ring this stupid parrot bell, right??

We know it's YOUR chair but possession is 9/10ths ..and all that!

We know you're going out, but.. do we have to stay in here, Warden??

Cody & Baily - Kelley's pups, Brodie's 'bigger' cousins.

Poncho having a 'sleepover' at Brodies comfortable 'Condo'.

Let me outta here - quick.. Poncho is going 'nuts' with that thing!

Almost Christmas .. time for tired puppies to have a nap.

It's OUR chair, see... and you ain't getting it!!.

Look... I'm a puppy...so digging is 'my thing'!

About this faggy blue bow in my hair - remove it or I'll jump!

So you bathed me and changed my bow - I hate green - I'm still going to jump!

Mom and her sore foot - well protected by the "Guardians".

I'm relaxing OK? Modesty is not my "thing"!

It's not my fault Mom.. honestly.. The devil made me do it..

On behalf of our masters, Have a Merry Christmas

What do you mean that Brodie has a much cleaner face?

If I wait long enough, the food gods will surely fill up my dish.

OK! tell us once again why we can't move south, away from this &%#$*# white stuff?

Brodie & Poncho's old camping buddy, Gord & Judy's Isabell (aka 'Izzy') at Presqu'ile

Our newest friend, Mile-a-minute 'TOTo' - delightful little speedster at Presqu'ile..

Brodie and Poncho meet Diane's two (cleaner) Bichon puppies

McGee banished to his 'Puppy Jail' along with his trusty 'Moose' as company..

Camping always wears us out - time for a nap or two..

'Tigger' waiting for his master Al - probably out Geocaching with John

Nicole & Jacques' 'Princess' at Presqu'ile Park, fall 2008..

'Meeka' - Gord & Judy's newest addition to the Ennismore menagerie...

OK, type in 'Format' then 'Enter' and watch the expression on his face when he returns!

No, I know what I am doing.. it's more comfortable this way!

OK Walter, we're posing for you.. So when do we get the cookies?

Fireman Bob (Mr. Pockets) pays a visit. Always has cookies!

Dogs on suspension bridges.. - they weren't happy about that!

OK you told us to stay here.. So when do we get the treats?

What do you nmean it's 8:00? You know I sleep until noon!

A little doggie pal at Presqu'ile Provincial Park

Hey Ma. how come Poncho gets to have all the toys?

Sorry, I can't come right now. I'm busy chewing on my squirrel toy! It's edible, Right?

So this is our geocache Travel Bug? If it's ours, can we eat it then?

Zoomer, Byron (Byzie) and Heathers pet at Country Haven Lodge

I'm checking out the rearview mirror - "They" are checking out me...!

Christmas 2010, Poncho and all his "toys" - guess Santa was good to himd, d'y'a think?

Otis & Taz - a cutie pair of Puppies! Nora and Peter's new 'babies'!

I know it's Christmas but take that stupid bow away from me - I won't wear it!

Zoe, Carol & Henks new puppy! What a cutie but who will spoil who?

The Great Hunter (Poncho)- Poncho 1, Rabbit zero

The Great Hunter (Poncho)- Poncho 1, Squirrel zero

Oh Oh! Brodie (aka 'Sausage') sat on Santa.. time for a 12 step diet program.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2012

Waiting for Santa to arrive - Christmas eve, 2011

Poncho on John's 2011 Xmas present- 2011 Harley 'FatBoy' M/C

On the Surfside condo couch with "Fred", our travelling Polar Bear

December at the Beach - our S.C. winter home, nice weather as you can see.

Christmas at our Surfside Beach Condo. Still 'shorts and T's " weather.

Sad Xmas! Poncho's toy rodent was bad so John had to dispatch it! LOL

Spring 2013 camping - the boys love it, on the bluffs on Lake Ontario!

'Pack leaders' camp in style of course. Morning coffee before "they" get up.

Jackie & the Boys snoozing! Sunny and warm - always a good time.

Travelling in style, returning from camping - they love rides!

A new E.L. friend for the boys - Angie. They all should meet on a walk soon.

Every month a "BarkBox" arrives with delicious doggie treats & surprises

Another E.L. friend, John's dog Sammy.

Oh Oh! Misbehaving means "Puppy Jail"

Zoe, another friend met on walkies".

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