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& NOW.. Introducing,
"Her Highness"... BINDI BOO-BOO


Again ... you thought that was all?? NEVER! Apart from new photos being taken, submitted or our coming up with long-lost pictures, Brodie and Poncho continue to amaze us with their 'camera-ready' antics and ability to 'ham' it up for any opportunity to get their photos taken. More and more friends are being added as we live in a heavy dog residing community (bears and coyotes too) and spend our summer camping and winters in South Carolina where (again) lots of pooches and fluffs reside! What we can continue to promise, is a lot of cute photos - no matter what! So enjoy these pictures and keep coming back for more as the two "perennial puppies" and their many friends enjoy each other's companionship.

psssttt... again, for those of you who have written to ask where we adopted Brodie and Poncho - the answer is "Campion Bichons" - Vaughan sideroad 12 in Carp Ontario. We recommend them highly! There are many Bichon breeders out there and I wish all were reputable - all are not - but the ones we know and recommend are members of the Bichon Frise Club of Canada - most members of the BFCC are reputable - any others... well... "caveat emptor" - "buyer beware"! We have seen dozens of Campion's dogs and every one displayed the temperment and qualities you would want in a puppy. Campion's is the preferred place we like to board Brodie and they do his grooming too - in our opinion the BEST place - that says it all! Check out Campion's web site - they are BFCC and OKC members and that's important!

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Our Boys - professional models
- in their own minds of course!`

We got an E-Class before Dad
Jokes on them - no driver's licences!

Enjoying the green green grass of summer!

Not sure if the hat does justice!
- threatened to eat my toes over this!

Don't they look so innocent? NOT!!

Mom & Boys at the FireTower Lookout.

Do they hate raincoats or what!

Staying at the Condo is tiring!

Many of Brodie & Poncho's "Fluff" friends

Friend Boris (NY) and his Mom Deborah

Zoe looks stunned! All that came off her?

Aren't these the best Valentine cuties?

Marla's son Brady checking out a window frog (NJ)

Jackie, I and "The Boys" - early spring camping at Presquile.

The Boys love posing - but who chose that colour?

Dad walking the Boys along our SC Condo beach

Oh Oh! Attack squirrel - watch out!

Ron & Roly's companion "Beau"
Crossed the Rainbow Bridge 2013

Sally's beloved Daisy
Crossed the Rainbow Bridge 2013

When the Boys relax
- they REALLY like to relax!

Callie enjoying her toy at Tannis's

Daisey's brother "Wild Willie"

Deborah's "Normie"

Marla's Gang (Brady, Oscar, Olive)

Poncho loves his bed and toys

A new friend from Nova Scotia

We couldn't find Poncho's squirrel and rabbit friends - AhA! Mystery solved!!

Our two fluffy "GeoDogs" - John's Geocaching companions.
What's a "GeoDog" you ask? If you are a GeoCacher you will know! "BroPon1" is a "Travel Bug" named for Brodie & Poncho. It has already travelled almost 36,000Km (22,500 miles, from Cache to Cache!). If you are curious or interested, visit www.geocaching.com

Brodie & Poncho with their world-travelling Geocaching "Travel Bug"

GeoDog "Echo" - Belleville, Ont

GeoDog "Kona" - Houston TX

GeoDog "Scooby" - Mt. Carmel, Ont

GeoDog "Cali" - New Hampshire,

SleepyHead GeoDogs

GeoDog "Spirit" - Lucan, Ont

GeoDog "Luke" - Wisconsin

GeoDog "Luke" - Wisconsin

GeoDog "Luke" - Wisconsin

GeoDog "Bimbo" - Comox BC

Ken & Flo's Misty - after her 'Spa' day

Ron & Roly's new "pup" Riley.
R&R is now R&R&R

Renata's puppy - a new friend

Brodie does NOT like the hat!

Not my balls? Waddya mean?

Shhhhh!!!! I'm sleeping!

The "Boys" new friend "Swiffer"

Want More???

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