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& NOW.. Introducing,
"Her Highness"... BINDI BOO-BOO


Once Again, Whew!! ... you thought that was all?? Nope! After a brief 'holiday' from maintaining the web site, we now start a new series of experiences! Sadly, Brodie passed over the "Rainbow Bridge in 2018 followed by his brother Poncho in 2020. Thanks to the "Pandemic" we could not locate another Bichon Frise until 2021 - almost unbearable being "dogless" for over a year. We were lucky to locate a new breeder thanks to the efforts of friend Carol - Zoe and Zeus's mum, who was also looking for another Bichon. "Bindi" (or as Jackie renamed her - "Bindi Boo Boo" a 10 week old female Bichon joined us and we are now, once again, a true "Pack"! Here we go.....!!

New photos are now being taken (almost all the time), Bindi continues to provide us with many "Bichon-Style" photo op's - and it must be a genetic Bichon trait - amazes us with her 'camera-ready' antics and ability to 'ham it up' for any opportunity to get her photo taken. More and more friends will be added as we live in a large dog residing community (bears, wolves and coyotes too (I should not mention rattlesnakes and cougers (4 legged type) as well)! Our camping days may be over now - we sold the Truck and Trailer - but we now cruise a lot so we can continue to promise a lot of cute photos - no matter what! So enjoy these pictures and keep coming back for more as "Boo-Boo" and her growing list of friends enjoy each other's companionship and antics.

psssttt... again, for those of you who have written to ask where we adopted Bindi Boo Boo, just ask us and we can direct you to a new breeder in Hamilton where we found Bindi, as well as Marilyn's Campion Kennels in Carp Ontario, "Campion Bichons" - Vaughan sideroad 12 in Carp Ontario. Our Bichons are always CKC registered quality purebred dogs!

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Bindi Boo-Boo just born, welcome to our family.. or should I say "the Pack"!`

Bindi Boo-Boo, now 10 weeks old joins the family.. or should I say "the Pack"!`

OK Bindi - we got the message... you prefer being a "Puppy of Leisure" - and everything is chewable!

Bindi's FIRST CHRISTMAS! Lots of toys..! Mommy, Dad.. BRING 'EM all on!

WoW! Every month the postman brings me a "WoofBox" full of new toys, treats and other "stuff"! WoW!

My Humans found a supplier for "Yak Bones" from Nepal, I really love them and No Splintering!

MoM! Wadd'ya mean this looks goofy? I LOVE it - really warm and very very cozy!

Hey! I know this is high but I love watching the neighbours and other dogs from here!

WELL, thanks for the jammies, but they are not really "Me". Take 'em off please!

I do love posing for photos - vanity and all that - so click away!! Is there a doggie PlayBoy magazine??

Me and Aunt Carol - "Zoe" and "Zeuse"'s mom - they're Bichon Frise's too! Cool!!

L-R, Poncho and Brodie - my brothers I never met - they passed away before I arrived! So SAD!!

House rules for Bindi - If I want it... it's mine! You say this is your sock so let's just say it WAS!!

Bindi's sister "L'il Bit" our 1st Bichon, passed away 20 years ago. Fondly remembered!

"Demon Rum" always wins!! Brodie taking a nap, will have to deal with his mom's sense of humour!

The dreaded "Cone" has visited Bindi! Price to pay after her surgery - now a "Lady", no longer a "Girl!"

Brodie, either after a really hot day or maybe too much drinking from Dad's glass??

Christmas is sure a very tiring time! All the food, all the activity, ALL THE TOYS!!! *whew*

Poor Bindi - absolutely "wiped"! Too much tearing around the house and "Blitzing" - time to just "cool" it!

"A flash from the past" - "Dad" taking young Brodie for a bike ride at SandBanks campground.

The Boys & sister Lil'Bit -all have passed over the Rainbow Bridge - all lovingly remembered, forever!

L'ilBit and Jackie holding "TarTar" who was with us for a short time - they both loved the pool.

"The Boys" Brodie & Poncho, having a lazy day "nap" at the Surfside S.C. condo with "Mom" Jackie!

Zoe and her new brother Zeus, friend Carol's cute Bichon Frisé's - Bindi has yet to meet Zeus - soon!

The Boys & sister Lil'Bit -all have passed over the Rainbow Bridge - all lovingly remembered, forever!

Bindi has claimed one of the living room chairs as "Hers" and it is now her Fav bone chewing place!

How do you explain to a puppy like "Boo Boo" that chairs are to sit on, not to "climb"?

L'ilBit of Love (aka LilBit) early '90's - our 1st Bichon Frisé -she was my biking "buddy" - great dog.

Bindi's "Sister" Lil'Bit- Our first Bichon puppy - joined the family just after Jackie and I got married.

Bindi's "Maritime Brother" Pepper - who joined us temporarily when we lived in Miramichi.

Bindi's "Brother" Brodie - a real "hunter" - Hmmm.. biting off more than he can handle here?

"Kayla" Doug and Linda's Pup - Bindi's American relative in Connecticut

L'ilBit and Tar-Tar enjoying floating in the pool at our Burlington home - 1 "Daddy power" motor!

Bindi's monthly "Barkbox" a mix of treats & toys arrived - a dog's dream! She watches the mail for it!

Brodie and Poncho had many "Fluff" friends! Here they are enjoying Easter (2012) with the Easter Bunny.

Brodie has mastered the art of using Dad's computers - "Maybe" - looking for "Fluff" chicks??

Getting close to St. Pat's day(2014)! Brodie and Poncho appropriately "all dolled up" in drinking garb!

"The Boys", Bindi's brothers - circa 2008 (R.I.P. puppies), getting into trouble again!

Another month... Another "Bark Box", Bindi really looks forward to these monthly toys & treats!

Relaxation time for BooBoo - with many of her "friends" and Toys of course! Yes.. it's a rough life! <;^)-

Taking Brodie & Poncho for a beach stroll in Surfside Beach S.C., our winter home was always fun!

Poncho napping on his bed - just too tired to join the Conga Line with his "squirrelly" friends.

Brodie meets puppy Poncho for the very first time at Presqu'ile Prov. Park - "Buddies at first sight"!

"Bravest Brodie" (his CKC name) being brave?? - 2012 Facebook posting. Yes - really Brodie!

Bindi enjoying a beach sunset - not realizing her "Alter-Ego" twin is trying to escape from the car!

John thinks this is his office - but Bindi knows better! It's HER very own room! So There....!

Some people nap on their Back, Some on their sides, others on their belly! Me?? ANYTHING GOES!!!

Bindi's developed some talent! She's now a great "Toilet-Roll' Sculpturess!!

Bindi's "Favourite" posing spot - on the back of my recliner - good view of the outside for her!

Bindi's Fav "friends" - "GodZilla Gorilla" and "Seal" - they share her pink "Blankie" & bed - always!!

Bindi has mastered the art of "Snoozing" - her bedroom is her favourite "escape-and-rest" spot!

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