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Once Again, Whew!! ... you thought that was all?? Nope! After a brief 'holiday' from maintaining the web site, we now start a new series of experiences! Sadly, our beloved Brodie passed over the "Rainbow Bridge in 2018 followed by his loveable brother Poncho in 2020. Thanks to the "Pandemic" we could not locate another Bichon Frise until 2021 - almost unbearable being "dogless" for over a year. Our regular breeder, Campion Bichons in Carp, Ontario could not help us - no pups available however we were lucky to locate another breeder thanks to the efforts of friend Carol - Zoe and Zeus's mum, who was also looking for another Bichon herself. "Bindi" (or as Jackie renamed her - "Bindi Boo Boo" a 10 week old female Bichon joined us and we are now, once again, a true "Pack"! Here we go.....!!

New photos are now being taken (almost all the time), Bindi continues to provide us with many "Bichon-Style" photo op's - and it must be a genetic Bichon trait - amazes us with her 'camera-ready' antics and ability to 'ham it up' for any opportunity to get her photo taken. More and more friends will be added as we live in a large dog residing community (bears, wolves and coyotes too (I should not mention rattlesnakes and cougers (4 legged type) as well)! Our camping days may be over now - we sold the Truck and Trailer - but we now cruise a lot so we can continue to promise a lot of cute photos - no matter what! So enjoy these pictures and keep coming back for more as "Boo-Boo" and her growing list of friends enjoy each other's companionship and antics.

psssttt... again, for those of you who have written to ask where we adopted Bindi Boo Boo, just ask us and we can direct you to a new breeder in Hamilton where we found Bindi, as well as Marilyn's Campion Kennels in Carp Ontario, "Campion Bichons" - Vaughan sideroad 12 in Carp Ontario. Our Bichons are always CKC registered quality purebred dogs!

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Bindi's "Favourite" posing spot - on the back of my recliner - good view of the outside for her!

Bindi's Fav "friends" - "GodZilla Gorilla" and "Seal" - they share her pink "Blankie" & bed - always!!

Bindi has mastered the art of "Snoozing" - her bedroom is her favourite "escape-and-rest" spot!

"Bella" - Neighbour Ron's playful Bichon. They get along well and she loves sharing Bindi's "Treats"!

Older photo - Bindi's arrival home, enjoying the porch with her new buddy - the Green Frog!! Scary!!

Bindi - just back from a visit to our groomer-looking really "cool" like all purebreds should! *smile*

Jackie having a coffee & babysitting Bindi's friend - Ansela's cute little puppy "Chewey" - such a sweetheart!

Bindi wondering if John's "ratty" Geocache containers are really good eating - or not!! Hmmm...

Poncho,Brodie& "Fireman Bob" - a good friend, passed away October 28 2022 - R.I.P. Bob, you'll be missed!

Oh Oh! Busted!! Someone sneaked into the W.C. - stole a roll of TP - Mom & Dad won't be happy!

Christmas 2022 - opening presents soon - I am hoping for more toys! I really need a lot more!!

When Mom goes for an RV park drive, I let her go on condition that I can go along too!

Mom takes us along just in case the battery dies - and we get practice for sled pulling duty as well!

This was a GREAT Christmas - look at all the presents Mom, Dad and Santa brought me - Yahoo!!

Sorry 'Ma, I just could not open it by myself. So please hurry.. maybe it's edible..FASTER, PLEASE!

Poncho was a wonderful "perennial Puppy". When Brodie passed on, Poncho missed him terribly!

Jackie with Brodie & Poncho at the French River Park & Campground bridge walkway across the river

Awww Mummy...! Stop teasing me - I am starving to death - I need food, REALLY need it! NOW!!

Bindi helps around the house - here she is helping sort the laundry colours before washing.

Relaxing... I LOVE relaxing - a puppy gets tired playing, eating, running and chewing all my toys!

WHAT? ME?? I didn't do it - I swear.. it wasn't me! What happened?? It must have been someone else!

I know it looks a bit silly, BUT I LIKE IT!! So STOP bugging me about it! They're MY jammies!

YAWNNNNNNN....! Boy, have I been holding that one in for ages! So.. when are we hitting the "sack"?

OK! OK!!! every time I come back from the groomer everyone calls me "cute"! I KNOW IT!!!

Want More??? Well... always More to come! New Bindi and older Poncho, Brodie & L'ilBit pics and "Friends" as we find them!

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